DGS Portfolio

Ice & Fire Tavern | Ready Party One| Darkside Bar | LA Comic Con | WhedonCon | Celebrating Stan Lee | Misc. fantasy themed parties

Scum & Villainy: Fire & Ice Tavern // Game of Thrones Themed // Designed by DGS

SDCC 2018 Ready Party One // Ready Player One Themed // DGS designed and co-produced party

25 Best Things We Saw at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Rolling Stone Magazine

Darkside Bar // Star Wars inspired popup bar in 3 cities // Designed by DGS

LA Comic Con official after party // Buffy the Vampire Slayer Themed // DGS designed and produced party

WhedonCon // Whedonverse themed // DGS designed and produced parties

Celebrating Stan Lee party // // DGS designed Photo Op backdrop

Various fantasy themed private parties // Decor & Design

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