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Magicians Printable: Vintage Magicians Posters


Disclaimer: this collection of Vintage Magicians Posters were all created by different parties. Damn Good Shindig is not associated with any of these artists, nor do we seek to profit from our collection. 

Vintage Magicians Posters

Right click to download files for printing your very own collection of Vintage Magician Posters. Poster Collection zip file includes all images we collected and used for our collage wall. Most images will print well on 11 x 17 paper, as well as letter sized. Sized Posters zip file includes all hi-res images we printed at larger poster size.  Images are sized, and labeled in file.

Poster Collection | Sized Posters

File Preview


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Free PrintablesThe MagiciansTheme Parties

Magicians Printables: Fillory Book Covers & Brakebills Card Backs

fillory books and brakebills cards

Disclaimer: the Fillory and Further Novels and Brakebills Key & Bee card design are the property of Lev Grossman and SyFy. Damn Good Shindig is not associated with either party, nor do we seek to profit from our fan art. 

Fillory Book Covers

Right click to download Hi-Res files for printing on 11 x 17 paper. Zip file includes layouts of all five full Fillory book covers (Front, Spine, and Back). Trim each to the size of the books you are covering, and mod-podge into place. It may work best to trim the spine out separately and apply it first, before applying the front and back covers. The PDFs are vector files that can be resized as needed. Please credit Haley Keim of Damn Good Shindig.

Illustrator PDFs | JPEGs

File Preview

Fillory Book Covers

Brakebills Playing Card Backs

Right click to download Hi-Res files for printing on 8.5 x 11 paper. Print on sticker-back label paper so you can easily peal-and-stick onto the backs of 2.5 x 3.5 playing cards.

Illustrator PDF | JPEG

File Preview

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Magicians Shindig: Brakebills Cottage Soiree

Magicians Party

We’ve been crazy big Magicians fans ever since we read the books by Lev Grossman years ago. When the show premiered last year, we were beyond stoked that it turned out to not only be good, but be everything we knew (and didn’t know) we wanted. The magic, the art direction, Eliot, the embracing of its innate nerdiness, the intelligence. We knew that we’d have to find an excuse to throw a Shindig to celebrate it.

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Doctor Who Shindig: A Party Through Time and Space

Doctor Who Birthday Party

All our dear friend Tanya wanted for her 30th birthday was a Doctor Who party for the ages. As big Doctor Who fans ourselves, we were excited to oblige, and embraced this quirky time-and-space faring theme for our winter shindig. We loved the idea of creating an experience whereby entering Tanya’s house, guests would enter the TARDIS itself, ready for some adventures around time and space.

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Magical Details for a Dreamy Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Details

They say the Devil’s in the details, and with our Hogwarts Alumni Dinner, we found that it was the magic in the details instead! A Harry Potter party turns out to be the perfect vessel to showcase lots of magical details. When planning an immersive theme party, the broad strokes set the stage.  We’ve already done a post on transforming our home into Hogwarts – but it’s the little things that really deliver on making the party personal and enchanting for the guests. Party guests just love spotting easter eggs and all of the small things you do that aren’t necessarily the center of attention.

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