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Damn Good Shindig: How to Party with a Purpose


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, how are you doing?  You feel like partying?  Yeah, us neither.

For us, starting Damn Good Shindig has been a great bringer-of-joy this year, and we’ve loved every minute. But… people all over the world are suffering, struggling against corrupt governments, human rights violations, this Us vs. Them mentality, this pointing fingers at someone to blame – this unhappiness and spreading of hate… and for the people of the USA, it all culminated with the election on November 8th.

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Mid Prep Musings

Where did Summer go?


Is everyone as confused as we are?  One second we were day dreaming of pineapples and pool time, and the next pumpkins and sweaters were thrown in our faces.  Seriously, where did summer go?  Time has gone by all too fast these past few months.  We figured you were due for a damn good update as to what exactly we’ve been up to.

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