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DIY: Iron Throne

DIY Iron Throne

So you want to make an Iron Throne and crown yourself ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, do you?  Well luckily the ladies of Damn Good Shindig are here to tell you how.

This craft is a must for any Game of Thrones themed party (or maybe just everyday life), and it’s relatively cheap and easy to make an epic Iron Throne.  The only hard part is staying alive long enough to sit on it.

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9 Things that Made our Game of Thrones Dinner Party a Damn Good Shindig

Game of Thrones Dinner Party

A Feast of Thrones

Winter has come, and we had a blast throwing an epic Feast of Thrones for this season’s premiere. This party was perfect for 20 guests and included feasting in candlelight, a deadly interactive Game that lasted throughout dinner, and an atmospheric setting that whisked our guests away to Westeros. Here’s how we pulled it off.

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DIY CraftsGame of Thrones

DIY: Raven-Delivered Scroll Invitations

GOT scroll Invitations

Our raven-(aka Toyota Prius)-delivered scroll invitations really set the tone for our exclusive Game of Thrones Dinner Party. We felt it was important to establish with our guests that we were taking the theme to the next level.  Our hand made invites also let our guests know their presence was desired and got them excited for the feast. Win on all counts!  Here’s a step by step guide to help you make some damn good invitations.

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