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Big Damn Shindig: A Firefly Party at WhedonCon

Big Damn Shindig

Firefly – it’s more than just the enchanting insect spotted during summertime. It’s also the name of the short-lived, but beloved sci-fi western show that stole the hearts of a generation. Joss Whedon really did a number when he created the verse of Firefly, birthing an adoring fanbase that even fifteen years later, still calls for season 2. Here at Damn Good Shindig, we are proud Firefly nerds and definite fans of how well the show incorporates so many different cultures and blends them into a realistic future world. (What we would give to fly about space in Serenity, going on questionably legal adventures with Mal and Co!) And to our immense joy, at WhedonCon 2017, we had the opportunity to throw a Big Damn Firefly Shindig.

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