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Big Damn Shindig: A Firefly Party at WhedonCon

Big Damn Shindig

Firefly – it’s more than just the enchanting insect spotted during summertime. It’s also the name of the short-lived, but beloved sci-fi western show that stole the hearts of a generation. Joss Whedon really did a number when he created the verse of Firefly, birthing an adoring fanbase that even fifteen years later, still calls for season 2. Here at Damn Good Shindig, we are proud Firefly nerds and definite fans of how well the show incorporates so many different cultures and blends them into a realistic future world. (What we would give to fly about space in Serenity, going on questionably legal adventures with Mal and Co!) And to our immense joy, at WhedonCon 2017, we had the opportunity to throw a Big Damn Firefly Shindig.

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Magical Details for a Dreamy Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Details

They say the Devil’s in the details, and with our Hogwarts Alumni Dinner, we found that it was the magic in the details instead! A Harry Potter party turns out to be the perfect vessel to showcase lots of magical details. When planning an immersive theme party, the broad strokes set the stage.  We’ve already done a post on transforming our home into Hogwarts – but it’s the little things that really deliver on making the party personal and enchanting for the guests. Party guests just love spotting easter eggs and all of the small things you do that aren’t necessarily the center of attention.

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Transformation: A Home into Hogwarts

Hogwarts Apartment Transformation

According to our 7 Musts for a Damn Good Shindig, rule #1 is that a DGS must be immersive. So we knew if we were going to throw a Hogwarts Alumni Dinner party, then by George, it better feel like we are actually at Hogwarts. Take a look at the transformation of Ellie’s apartment living room into the Great Hall.  Impressive?  We think so.  Stay tuned to learn how we did it!

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DIY: Hogwarts Centerpieces

Hogwarts Centerpieces

Centerpieces are an essential part of decor when throwing any style of dinner party, especially when the party happens to take place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  You’d better believe that the Hogwarts Centerpieces are enchanting A.F. – with all the magic surrounding you, how can they not be?  Lucky for you, the ladies of Damn Good Shindig have the perfect centerpiece idea to bring a little magic into your dinner party.

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