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Why We Party
(and Why You Should Too)


We believe anyone can theme party.
If you love something enough to want to throw a theme party around it, then dammit, you should be able to throw that party. No matter your skill-set, lifestyle, or budget, we’re here to lend our imagination and knowledge to help you achieve your heart’s themeiest, most Pinterest-worthy desires.

We believe parties are better with friends.
When Haley threw her Lisa Frank themed birthday party, dinosaur-partier Ellie knew she had found a kindred soul, and they realized that they could reach great theme party heights together. Afterall, who wants to party alone? Together, they’re making their shindig dreams come true.

We believe in sharing your creativity.
We want to give adults ideas, inspiration and the courage to theme party. So please explore, read, download & soak up all our advice to make your Fight for the Right to Party easier. Now go on, grown up friends, and have beautiful, epic, fun themed parties. We’ll look for our invitations in the mail.



How it Began


This whole adventure started out of frustration when Ellie was trying to plan her Dinosaur Birthday party. It wasn’t that there weren’t ideas out there, its just these ideas were aimed at a certain demographic – 4-to-6 year old boys… All she wanted to do was throw a classy dinosaur bash that adults could enjoy. Spoiler alert: she did.

Read the rest of our manifesto:
Fight for the Right to [Theme] Party!



Get Inspired Daily


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Who We Are

Ellie Damn Good ShindigEllie
Ellie is a midwestern adventure seeker & dino-lover with a heart three times as big as a T-rex’s arms are small. She loves food, dancing, and spinning around in the air in a hoop.
Instagram: @ellietheimp
Favorite Things: Dinosaurs, Space, Art, Giggles


Haley Damn Good ShindigHaley
Haley is a graphic & film designer and the owner of a 5-time champion Unicorn. She is often found in costume, sometimes for no reason at all, and can eat Thai food 4.37 times a week.
Instagram: @weirdlosfeliz
Favorite Fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Buffy


Both Haley and Ellie can be found in the nearest cat cafe sneaking in snuggles with their daily coffee intake. During most daylight hours, they are busy making sets come to life in the art departments of film and television shows. They are both lifelong adventurers, creators, and story-lovers, and don’t plan on giving any of that up just because they’re grown ups now.



Haley Damn Good ShindigMandy (Web Design)
Mandy has an unusual talent for winning stuffed animals from claw machines. She once listed “a love for theme parties” on her OkCupid profile and is currently planning a BarkMitvah party for her Maltipoo.
Instagram…is weird. But you can find her at
Favorite Feels: Hugging dogs, Biking in the rain, Well-timed subway cars


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