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December 2016

How to Host a Very Geeky Holiday Shindig

In a galaxy very very close, it’s about to be the holidays again! Give your traditional Christmas party a twist this year by letting your geek flag fly. You know you want to.  Damn Good Shindig brings you tips on how to throw the ultimate geeky holiday shindig.

First thing to decide: will your geeky holiday shindig be specific to one fandom, or will you celebrate all of your favorites? Decided? Okay, let’s do this:

Geeky Decor

Check out our Pinterest Board for More inspiration!

Your tree isn’t the only thing that can be decorated for the holidays – bring your nerd loves into other areas of the house for your geeky holiday shindig!  Why not place a “Free House Elves” sign by your stockings?  If you live in a colder climate, dress your snowmen up as your favorite characters!  Make a Merry Christmas banner in the fandom of your choice’s font for a subtle nod.  Place santa and elf hats on any (or all) geeky figurines through your home.  Who says Batman can’t be jolly?  Be creative and have fun.  For more ideas and inspiration visit our Geeky Holiday Decorations Pinterest Board.

Ornament Decorating

Check out our Pinterest Board To find where all these images originated from, including some DIYs!

Get your craft on with some home-made ornaments! As a party host, you can either get specific supplies or let your guests’ imaginations run rampant at a table with paint, glitter, ribbon, etc.  (Helpful hint: Michaels sells clear ornaments in several sizes that you can fill with fandom fun.)  There are a plethora of DIY ornament tutorials out there on the internet to fit every fandom’s needs.  Pick your poison and go for it.  From adding googley eyes and masks to green ornaments to turn them into TMNTs, to adding wings to gold ornaments for a tree full of snitches, you’re sure to find an idea that fits your fancy.  Check out our pinterest board for some inspiration!

Tree Trimming

Check out our Pinterest Board for Geeky Holiday decorations, including all of these fabulous trees

Your tree and wreaths can represent your inner (or let’s be honest, outer) geek.  Enjoy decorating with friends while indulging in watching reruns of your favorites.  To help with tree decorating and various other decor, there are TONS of already existing geeky string lights.  Lucky for you we put together a list of just a few you can get off Amazon.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  It probably exists somewhere, google it or check geeky sites like think geek or Etsy to find them!

Here are some ideas for fandom specific trees!

Doctor Who Tree:

Stick with blues and silvers for a TARDIS inspired tree.  Or go all Golden Dalek!  Wrap your wreath or trees in Four’s scarf – there’s plenty of it to go around.  And is there anything more perfect than a weeping angel for a tree topper? Great DIY here.

Harry Potter Tree:

Golden snitch ornaments, hanging potion bottles, and of course mini copies of the books can line your trees. As a garland, knit an extra long Gryffindor scarf.  Think about having Hedwig top your tree and a marauders map-inspired tree skirt.

Walking Dead Tree:

Stick with red trimmings and themed ornaments for this one.  Reuse some halloween decor with served body parts in the branches.  You can even top your tree with a decapitated Zombie head, and a bloody tree skirt would top it off nicely!

Mario Bros / Nintendo Tree:

Fill your tree with little mushrooms, Yoshis, Marios, Luigis, bullet bills, or other Nintendo-inspired things!  Top with a bright Super Star, and make sure to have a few golden question mark boxes at the bottom of your tree!

Star Wars Tree:

You are most definitely looking to fill your tree up with all the droids, and mini lightsaber ornaments.  Top it off with a mini death star, or a striking yoda.  How about a Millennium Falcon Tree skirt?  You can also go all white and place a storm trooper helmet at the top, or go for an all black tree with Mr. Vader’s helmet on top for a more dramatic look.  Endless possibilities here.

Geeky Shindig Food & Drink

See our Pinterest board for these ideas and more for geeky holiday deliciousness

We are no strangers to themed fandom foods.  There are plenty of options out there to serve up feasts for just about every fandom imaginable so delve into the internet folks.  For a holiday shindig, try serving some traditional food & drinks with a Geeky Twist.  Why not have hot butter beer instead of mulled cider?  Or perhaps Storm Trooper (white chocolate) Hot Cocoa?  Bake some nerdy treats for your guests like Ginger-Cybermen cookies or your favorite sugar cookies decorated like House sigils from Game of Thrones?  Etsy offers cookie cutters in just about every geeky style.  For more food and drink ideas, follow our Pinterest board!

A Geeky Christmas Carol Singalong

Caroling is a beloved winter activity.  During your geeky holiday shindig, hand out lyric sheets and gather ’round the piano! Or head outside for a proper caroling sesh – with a geeky twist. Lucky for all, most carols can easily be worded to include geeky things instead of the traditional lyrics.  Your neighbors won’t know what hit them!

Check out these youtube playlists of fun geeky carols.  Special shoutout to our friends at Check 15 who are absolute pros at geeky caroling for a cause.  Check out their christmas video from last year here.

Geeky Holiday Shindig Attire

Check out our Pinterest board for these sweaters and more fun geek holiday finery.

Ugly Christmas sweaters and various attire are all the rage.  And to be honest, we LOVE it.  You can find just about any fandom represented in winter finery (and not just sweaters!) from just about every shop!  We put together a Pinterest board for some inspiration – but scour the internet and you will find your heart’s desire.  Here are our favorites that we may or may not already own: Haley’s Favorite   Ellie’s Favorite .

Bonus: Of course we can’t forget the Menorah of your (Ellie’s) dreams, a Dino Menorah!

Geeky Holiday Shindig dinosaur menorah

Have a smashing geeky holiday shindig! We can’t wait to hear all about it.

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