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November 2016

Damn Good Shindig: How to Party with a Purpose

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, how are you doing?  You feel like partying?  Yeah, us neither.

For us, starting Damn Good Shindig has been a great bringer-of-joy this year, and we’ve loved every minute. But… people all over the world are suffering, struggling against corrupt governments, human rights violations, this Us vs. Them mentality, this pointing fingers at someone to blame – this unhappiness and spreading of hate… and for the people of the USA, it all culminated with the election on November 8th.

We know a lot of people out there who are depressed by the state of things.  Friends and fellow humans are scared for their futures, for the futures of people they love.  Many have lost relationships with close friends, family, spouses as a result of this polarizing election.  With so many freedoms hanging in the balance, it’s hard to feel in the mood to party. But perhaps a little “get-together” is just what we need.

We here at Damn Good Shindig wholeheartedly believe that though we may not feel like it, we should still celebrate the things we have in life, the people who bring us joy and happy occasions.  Parties can help spread love, as well as give us hope and a will to continue to fight the good fight.

This doesn’t mean you can’t party with a purpose.  In fact theres a lot of ways to make your parties have purpose beyond just having a good time. Parties can benefit communities, support causes, and raise awareness.

It’s a little early for new years resolutions, but we’re making one anyway.  Damn Good Shindig will continue to bring DIY theme party fun to the masses, but we will also party with a purpose to do our part to spread good will in this world.

We will continue to expand our minds about ways to support our communities, but here are our first ideas of how to party with a purpose.

Start an Educational Book Club

We are definitely book lovers here at DGS.  Normally, it’s the fantasy & sci-fi genres that tickle our fancy, and as important as we think it is to view our world through the lens of these stories, there are plenty of fantastic books out there that deal with real-word issues.  Start a monthly bookclub with friends to make it a point to read these books and then… drink wine, talk, share, unpack.  We may no longer be in school but that doesn’t mean we should stop learning. Shared knowledge will only bring us strength and power in the fight to come.  Education is the most powerful weapon of all.

Here’s a list of a few books to get you started  (suggestions and recommendations are welcome!  leave us a comment!)


Throw a Fundraiser for a Charitable Organization

It’s a little known fact, but contrary to popular belief you do NOT have to be super wealthy to throw a fundraiser for a charity.  Your party can be as simple as inviting your friends over for pizza and beer and passing around a bucket for donations to the cause, and then sending in one big check.

You of course can go all out and include raffle prizes, drink specials or special outings that all raise money and awareness for a charity you hold dear to your heart.

Here’s list of a few wonderful charities  – but there a zillion more amazing ones out there, so do your research!


Attend a Fundraiser for a Charitable Organization

Yes, you my friend, are able to attend fundraisers.  Many organizations have fundraisers open to the public and many are affordable for the average Joe.  You’d be surprised the level of fun, fancy soiree a $50 ticket can get you.  Look into local organizations and see when their next shindig is and par-take.  You’ll be sure to have a good time, and for a good cause.


Get Connected with Your Fandom

There is a reason why the fandoms we join mean so much to us. Perhaps they teach us about the resilience of the human spirit, the power of sacrifice and love, of standing up for what we believe in, no matter the cost. In times like these, remind yourself of your fictional heroes and why they inspire you.

Fandom is a powerful tool to connect like minded people and get them connected to something in the real world. Research your favorite authors and creatives and see what charities they support and find out why. JK Rowling, for example, has done a tremendous amount of work for many different charities, and has even started her own (Lumos). Consider joining other fans and getting involved or donating to these charities.  Many fandoms have incredibly cool people who host specific events, and even Cons, during the year that link up their fandoms with charities. Huge shout out to WhedonCon for doing just this:


We would just like to say thank you to all the humans of the world who are out there standing up for human rights and spreading love.  We see you, we appreciate you and we are with you.

Till next time, xoxo

-The Ladies of Damn Good Shindig

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