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November 2016

DIY: Hogwarts House Banners

It’s homecoming season- and that means time to show your school pride. If that school happens to be Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry like us, then this tutorial on DIY Hogwarts House Banners is just for you.

Raise the roof for Hufflepuff!
Shake your tail feather for Ravenclaw!
Scream it loud and proud for Gryffindor!
Bring it in for Slytherin!

Here’s how to make your very own set of Hogwarts house banners to show your pride all the time.


Cost: Just Under $50


Step 1: Banner Colors

We know your entire house is probably decorated to the nines screaming your house pride, but just in case it’s needed, here are the house colors.

Hufflepuff : yellow & black
Ravenclaw: blue & bronze
Gryffindor: red & gold
Slytherin: green & silver

We are fortunate to live close to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Hollywood and have traveled there a few times for “research” purposes.  This is where we saw these beautiful house banners.

Unfortunately for us, these were out of our price range and smaller than we had hoped to have.  Thus the adventure of DIY house banners was born.

We knew we wanted to adorn the walls of our great hall with banners, and for that reason wanted them to be on a bigger scale.  Our banners are roughly 2′ x 3′ in size, but this project can easily be scaled up or down depending on your desires.

So by now in this tutorial, you’ve gone out and purchased all the things listed above. We ended up going to Joanne’s to find everything we needed- and they were having a sale holler! so lets get to making!

These are the real deal banners you can buy while visiting the wizarding world.

These are the real deal banners you can buy while visiting the wizarding world.

Step 2: Cut out Banners

We bought 1 yard of each fabric, and honestly were overflowing with extra fabric.  We’ll be making Hogwarts house banners for days!

A yard stick would be really handy to help cut straight lines. We obviously didn’t have one.

As straights as you can, cut a rectangle out of your fabric.
Then on one short end, cut a diagonal line to about midway through the length. Repeat on other side so the two cuts create a triangle that is now free to bugger off and be something else.

Tadah! You got your banner shape.  Now do this for all 4 house banner colors, and we have the bases done!

Snip Snip!

Snip Snip!

Step 3: Ribbon

Next comes the ribbon. For a classic look we outlined the banner shape in ribbon. It was easy to measure the length needed and glue it into our felt. We used tacky glue solely because it’s what we had on hand but you could always hot glue it down as well.

Again you could get real precise with measurements if you so desired and a yardstick would be ever so helpful in lining everything up perfectly.

We just sorta eyed it- because our school spirit is carefree.  And also there is a possibility that we had a list of a million Potter related crafts to get done in time for the Alumni dinner.

All you have to outline is the long sides and the triangle points at the bottom, leave the top free.  We did a double line for a classy touch, but if you ended up with thicker ribbon, a single outline would work great too!

Don’t forget to match the proper ribbon color with background color, and make sure you repeat these steps for each house banner!

Now you’ve got yourself some pretty looking banners, the only thing missing are the crests.

Shiny ribbon is so pretty.

Shiny ribbon is so pretty.

Step 4: Banner Crests

Let us tell you if we had all the funds in the world we would totally pay for embroidered crests. The thing is, we wanted to do bigger Hogwarts house banners and no crests come that size that are easily available- bigger ones would be a custom build, aka – lots of cash money $$$.  If you were keeping your banners on a small scale, tons of embroidered crests are out there on Etsy in the 4″ size for fairly cheap.

Since custom crests were out of the picture, we opted to print our own using transfer paper.   This meant sourcing high resolution crest images online to use.

This seemingly easy task actually took a while for us to hunt down.  We ended up sourcing them from all over internet and have compiled the ones we used on easy-to-print pdfs here.

Now exact directions for transfer paper depends on the brand you buy- so read them carefully! The transfer to white/light colors is for whatever reason cheaper, and we think performs better for the brightest colors.  We worked our way around the school colors by opting for a layer of white felt to put the crests on, and then adding that to our banners.

We got those single sheets of white felt with a sticky back as our transfer paper- and then stuck them into our final banners. Because we are geniuses.  You can always opt to hand stitch the felt onto your banner as well if the sticky back stuff is hard to track down.

Once you transfer your crests successfully, cut them out and get to sticking. Voila! beautiful hand made house banners are done for a fraction of the cost.

Iron on transfer crests for the win!

Iron on transfer crests for the win!

Step 5: Finishing Touches to Hogwarts House Banners

This is the final step to get your banners ready to hang.  You want to get wooden rods that will be a little bit bigger than the width of your banner.

On the back side of the top edge of your banner, hot glue your rod across the top.  We ended up rolling our banners up a little on the rods, so apply hot glue as necessary.

To hang the banners, tie rope to each end of rods and like magic, you’ve got yourself some hangable Hogwarts House banners!

Our finished DIY Hogwarts House Banners

Our finished DIY Hogwarts House Banners

Step 6: Bonus Banners

Remember how we had that small triangle cut out of each banner to make our original shape?  We used those remnants to make some small pennants that were great photobooth props.

We ended up making small versions of our iron on transfer crests that perfectly fit these scraps, and got small rods from the dollar store and hot glued them together.

Rah Rah Hogwarts!

Rah Rah Hogwarts!

Now you are fully equipped to cheer on your house at the next Quidditch match! Go HOGWARTS!

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