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June 2016

What to Wear to a Game of Thrones Party: Women

Dress Like Game of Thrones Ladies

The GOT Season Finale is upon us! Ladies, do you know what you’re wearing for your finale shindig? If not, have no fear the ladies of Damn Good Shindig are here with some helpful tips and inspiration!  Gentlemen, unless you feel like channeling your inner queen of Westeros, see our previous post for men’s diy costuming!

Here at Damn Good Shindig, we believe that costumes are a must for your theme party.  When you’re hosting a party, you may find that the word “costume” can send some guests into panic-mode —  so in order to ease their dismay, tell them early and provide lots of resources to get them inspired.  No matter how much we wish it to be true, we can’t all be next level Cosplayers.

Below, we explore ways women can use items from their closets, thrift stores, the world wide web, and maybe a runway or two, to get the look of your favorite kick-ass ladies.

A Game of Thrones Costume: Adapting Women’s Fashion for Westerosi Court

Winter is upon us, so layer up those gowns from the back of your closet with cloaks (cheap on Amazon), faux fur stoles, or even real ones from the thrift store. Contemporary belts, like the kimono style & lovely cut-out ones below will help to define the silhouette and add an extra layer of detail. For the most part, womens’ dress in Westeros consists of muted colors, with embellishment around the neck & shoulders: like fur, short or long capes, and of course, luxurious jewelry. Have fun with the accessories! If you’re a Lannister, look for a great lion necklace; an Arryn, look for a lovely bird pin.

Former bridesmaid dresses like the convertible ones below work really well for many of Daenerys’ looks, while the kimono styles found at stores like Asos are perfect for King’s Landing. Adding medieval-style trim to the gowns, and the above mentioned accessories will completely sell them as being from the world of Game of Thrones.

Dress like the ladies from Game of Thrones, contemporary fashion, plus size, season 6

Costume: Sansa

There is no denying that this season has been all about the rise and retribution of Sansa Stark. Celebrate her turning point by channeling Sansa’s black raven gown she rocked in the Eyrie. Find a simple black v-neck dress, layer a long sleeve shirt underneath if its not sleeved. The real magic here comes with the feathers, which you can order online or find at a craft store.  Either pin these in place, or get crafty and make some DIY epaulets. Find Sansa’s necklace from Etsy, a prop replica, or make one of your own from a belt buckle and chain.

Dress like Sansa from Game of Thrones, Season 5, Raven Dress

Costume: Arya

Cat of the Canals may be no more, but this particular costume of Arya’s has been instrumental in her time in Bravos. Get the look with a peasant shirt, a crocheted shrug, a dark pleated midi skirt, fingerless gloves, and a swath of fishing net (available from any party store during summer). If you happen to crochet, here are some awesome crochet patterns for shrugs. This costume is all about texture, so don’t be afraid to play with different fabrics.

Dress like Arya from Game of Thrones, Season 5, Season 6, Cat of the Canals

Costume: Melisandre

The mysterious Red Witch may have been taken down a peg this season, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to be her. A wrap-style maxi dress in crimson, or a tunic with bell sleeves will do the trick. Don’t forget the necklace, or you may find yourself with a few more grey hairs than usual.

Dress like Melisandre from Game of Thrones

Costume: Daenerys

We couldn’t believe it when we saw the plus size fashion retailer Eloquii offering this gorgeous white capelet gown that absolutely screams Mother of Dragons. (Haley: “As a plus-size lady, I now want nothing more than to buy this dress and have the excuse to be Dany for once!”) For other sizes, you’re also in luck, because capes seem to be all the rage this year. Buzzfeed recently did a fun article about all of the cape dresses out there this season that channel the rightful queen of Westeros. It wouldn’t be Daenerys without a gleaming head of white locks and an epic dragon necklace. Dirt and grime from a long trek through the Dothraki Sea: optional.

Dress like Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Plus Size, Season 6

Costume: Cersei

Cersei Lannister has had it rough this season, but there’s no denying that she still looks fabulous. Don a short wig, and either show up to your shindig nude, or put together Cersei’s signature look from the (relative) safety of the Red Keep. Many of Cersei’s gowns are kimono-style, but you can just as easily piece together a tunic with a deep v-neck and bell-sleeves with a long skirt of the same color. Cinch the waist with a metal Belt, and top off the look with the requisite Lannister lion necklace. Embellish the gown with gold appliques.

Dress like Cersei from Game of Thrones, Plus size, Season 6

At our Game of Thrones costume shindig, we asked our guests to come representing their chosen houses.  Some used this as an excuse to dress up as their favorite character, but most came up with clever costumes inspired by the key elements and colors of their houses.  Time to show them off!

game of thrones costumes party plus size cersei, dorne, sansa, stark, tyrell, arryn, tully, daenerys

Clockwise from top left: Lannister, Dorne, Stark, Tyrell, Targaeryen, Arryn, Tully

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