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May 2016

DIY: 5 Dollar Photo Booth

Imagine this, you are at a rockin’ shindig, you’re all dressed up and having a great time- this needs to be documented right?  Why not document it in a fun photo booth?  We here at Damn Good Shindig love ourselves some photo booth action, no matter the theme.  Thankfully you’ve come to the right place for a DIY  tutorial on a 5 Dollar photo booth backdrop perfect for any themed shindig!  So grab a prop and strike a pose!

We’ve all seen those beautiful photo booth set ups that are hand crafted for fancy soiree and weddings.  With their meticulously placed flowers, weathered down wood backings, delicate details that come from beautiful dream land.  These are truly works of art, and should be appreciated as such.  A damn good shindig doesn’t need this level exquisite workmanship all the time – but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a stylish & fun photo booth at your party!  We are here to show you a quick & easy & versatile backdrop that can fit any theme!  The best part, it only costs 5 dollars!


  • 3-4 different plastic tablecloths from your local dollar store.
  • tape
  • scissors
  • optional: fun props relating to theme

5 dollar photo booth materials

Step 1: Decide on Theme for Photo Booth

This is where the genius of this DIY comes in – you can easily change the look of the backdrop for whatever theme your shindig may be.  This visually stunning backdrop is created by various tablecloths being braided together.  You have complete control in deciding what colors or patterns you want to use to create a multitude of different backdrops.  Having an awesome dinosaur themed party?  How about choosing a bunch of shades of green & brown for your backdrop.  What about a magical unicorn themed party?  Purple, pink, white & silver should do it.  You can easily throw in an animal print table cloth, or one covered in minions- whatever your hearts desire, it can come true.

Since Memorial Day is around the corner, and a good old fashion American Summer is about to begin, we thought we would make ourselves a patriotic photo booth backdrop to show you how its done.  So we went to our soulmate in store form – the Dollartree and bought up a few colors for the U.S.A.

5 dollar photo booth love

Dino Photo booth, Ellie Obsessing over her love of Dollartree, magical Unicorn party from Happy Wish Company


Step 2: Tape Up Photo Booth Backdrop on Wall of Choice

Now that you have your amazing color scheme, open up those tablecloths.  Make sure they are all oriented the same direction.  Stack one on top of another so they are all in one pile.  Tape this beautiful pile of tablecloths onto your wall of choice.  You will want to test out your camera set up, to make sure the photo booth backdrop will over the range of the camera for maximum backdrop coverage.  Adjust as needed until you are happy with the framing.

5 dollar photo booth Step 2

Step 3: Cut Strips into your Photo Booth Backdrop

Starting at the untaped edge of the photo booth backdrop, start cutting strips in all layers of tablecloths.  You can vary the width of these strips to your liking, and they don’t need to be exact.  We’ve found that keeping them around 4″ in width works great.  Be careful to not cut all the way through!  You want to keep the taped top connected.

5 dollar photo booth step 3

Step 4: Braid Together the Strips of Your Photo Booth Backdrop

In order to get all your colors to show up equally, you are going to braid your strips together for a small section near the top of your photo booth backdrop.  Start on one end of your backdrop.  Take all the layers of your first strip – separate the colors, and then proceed to braid them together for 3-5″ in length.  Move on to the next strip and repeat your action.  Continue doing this until your backdrop is all braided.  Step back and look at your beautiful photo booth backdrop!

5 dollar photo booth Step 4

Step 5: Get your Props & Poses On with Your New Photo Booth Backdrop

Half the fun of photo booths are the props.  This is another instance where one could to turn to the wondrous ever loving deity of the dollar store for some quick options.  They usually have some great themed props if your Shindig happens to coincide with a major holiday/time of year.  If not they also offer some essential craft supplies like poster board and wood sticks (skewers/popsicle sticks) to help you make some fun props.   The lucky ladies we are, we were able to score some great props for our America photo backdrop.  For fun we also drew up a few quick america themed props you can easily print on card stock .  Check out the free printable here.

5 dollar photo booth Props


Go forth a conquer the world of 5 dollar photo booths! Drop us a line on instagram, @damngoodshindig we would love to see your creations!!


5 dollar photo booth strip

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