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May 2016

What to Wear to a Game of Thrones Costume Party: Men

Men's Game of Thrones Costumes

Here at Damn Good Shindig, we believe that costumes are a must for your theme party.  The word “costume” can send some guests into panic-mode, so in order to ease their dismay, tell them early and provide lots of resources to get them inspired.  We can’t all be next level Cosplayers.  For a Game of Thrones costume shindig, ladies may have a slightly easier time of it, as thrifted gowns, draped fabric, and eccentric jewelry can be turned into Westeros-worthy attire with just a little imagination.  Men have a bigger challenge since contemporary men’s fashions don’t lend themselves quite as easily.

Below, we explore ways men (or women!) can use items from their closets, thrift stores, the world wide web, and maybe a runway or two, to achieve male character looks that even Joffrey wouldn’t condemn.

A Game of Thrones Costume: Adapting Men’s Fashion for Westerosi Court

Noble attire in Westeros is all about layering and color.  A long coat or tunic paired with fur or a draped piece of fabric in the color of your house will immediately set the tone.  Having fun with the details, like house sigil pins, cufflinks, or belt buckles will make any costume that much more rich.  If you just want to hint at a character, try wearing just your house color and a key accessory.

Game of Thrones Costume men's

Thanks to our guest Christa for inspiring this post by finding many of these looks!

1. Male Costume: Jon Snow

We’ll start with an easy one.  Ready-made Jon Snow costumes are just about everywhere you look, but if you already have a thing for black leather, it might be more fun to put together your own version.  Mr. Snow likes to cover every inch of skin to protect against that mild chill of the Wall, so layer it up.  Besides that black leather jacket and boots, see if you can find a cheap black kilt, black gloves, black leggings and a belt.  For a cheap cloak, look for a faux fur steal at a thrift store or online, and pair it with a floor-length black cape.  To complete the look, you also need a badass sword and a white direwolf, but those are sold separately.

Game of Thrones Costume Jon Snow

2. Male Costume: Jamie Lannister

A great tan trench coat will sell Jamie Lannister to the highest bidder.  Pair it with a brown cowl-neck shirt, a knotted black belt, and a cool sword.  Don’t forget the gloves to mask your handless-arm.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, take all of the buttons off of your trench coat and roll it around in the dirt.  Don’t forget your charming smile and hair flip.

Game of Thrones Costume Jamie Lannister

3. Male Costume: Petyr Baelish

Channel the man who plays the long game by wearing a long high-necked jacket or a turtleneck, and then drape a sheer burgundy curtain or piece of fabric over your right shoulder.  Then put a bird on it.

Game of Thrones Costume Petyr Baelish

4. Male Costume: Joffrey Baratheon

It’s all about the red brocades for our dear sweet Joffrey.  Indian suits are actually suited perfectly to his highness’s tastes, but those run a little pricey, so see if you can find a cool red & gold vest to channel Joffrey’s rich fabrics.  Top it off with a belted swath of red-orange fabric and a gold crown.

Game of Thrones Costume Joffrey

5. Male Costume: Oberyn Martell

Ah, what could have been.  Dornish fashion is all about light, rich fabrics.  A flowing orange bohemian shirt paired with a satin robe or gold brocade jacket will nail Oberyn Martell’s look.  Belt that baby with a sand-snake belt and a deadly dagger.

Game of Thrones Costume Oberyn Martell

At our Game of Thrones costume shindig, we asked our guests to come representing their chosen houses.  Some used this as an excuse to dress up as their favorite character, but most came up with clever costumes inspired by the key elements and colors of their houses.  Time to show them off!

Lannister, Baratheon, Jon Snow, Arryn

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