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May 2016

DIY: Dragon Eggs

We all wish we could be the Mother (or Father) of Dragons – birthing dragons and raising them gives you a ton of street cred in Westeros. People give you mad respect when you pull off that magical fiery rebirth. The tricky part is finding those dragon eggs to start with. We here at Damn Good Shindig are pleased to tell you there’s no need for a lifelong quest to obtain these rarities: you can now make your own DIY Dragon Eggs in a snap.


  • 3 egg-shaped objects *
  • 5 sticky foam sheets (Michaels)
  • Dragon Egg paint – up to you, but here’s what we used: White, Green, Red, Black & Gold (the more iridescent colors the better – these are freakin’ magical Dragon Eggs you’re painting here!)
  • scissors
  • sharpie
  • Damn Good reference photo – Try here and here

*ok, turns out we are magical lucky ladies, as literally the day we decided to throw this Shindig, we were wandering through Target and came across black, oversized Easter eggs in their dollar section.  We were like, “omg – Dragon Eggs. Right here. For a dollar. Fate.”  We then proceeded to buy them and it was great.  Looking back in this world post easter/spring time celebrations, oversized decorative eggs are running a bit scarce.  We found some options for you here. here. and here. Or you can create the shape from foam or paper maché.  But may we suggest raiding the Easter decor section when it’s seasonably appropriate. 🙂

Dragon Eggs Materials

Step 1: Draw Dragon Egg Scale Texture onto Foam

Number one rule when recreating something – have a damn good reference photo.  Looking at the one we found to use for our dragon eggs, we decided they needed actual scale texture, not just painted texture.  The idea of using foam to create this popped into our heads, so we went forth and got the materials.  We then painstakingly drew little egg shapes on the back of the foam – bigger ones tended to be better in the end, so try to keep them about 1″ tall. No need to make these perfect by using a template – in fact, freehand is better and will look more organic. Even having slightly smaller ones will help in the end, as you will need to fill in gaps where larger scales might not fit.  May we suggest re-watching Season one, episode 10: Fire and Blood while drawing your dragon eggs?  You can watch Khaleesi become the Mother of Dragons while becoming one yourself.

Dragon Eggs pattern

Step 2: Cut out your Dragon Egg Scales

Yep. Now that your fingers hurt from drawing this texture – make the pain not go away by cutting every single mini-egg-shaped scale out.  Trust us, it’s going to be worth it in the end.  We happily spent the time re-watching Game of Thrones (I mean how can you stop? That show is so damn good).

Dragon Eggs Cut

Step 3: Placing Scales on Dragon Eggs

Start by placing some of the mini eggs in a pedal shape on the pointy-end of the Dragon Egg.  Continue putting layers of mini eggs around this first pedal.  The tips of the texture pieces should be overlapping the previous layers a bit, and covering up the empty crevices the previous layer did not cover. Continue doing this until the entire dragon egg is covered in texture.  Repeat for the remaining 2 dragon eggs.

Now you should have 3 textured dragon eggs ready for paint.  Congratulations, you’re almost there!  Dragon pregnancy is the worst right?

Dragon Eggs Texture

That Texture sure is Scrumptious!

Step 4: Paint those Dragon Eggs

This is probably the most fun step, and it also happens to be the quickest.  The unique texture of the dragon eggs gave us a base level of instant aging for the paint.  You’ve got your main color designated for each egg. You’ll want to do a layer of the main color, and then once it’s dry go back in with some highlights and lowlights, working off the texture of the scales.  Have fun with this step.  Remember that damn good reference photo? Use it. Take a look at how there is some ombre-action happening on each scale, and on the overall look of the egg. The scales at the top of the egg are brighter than those at the bottom.

Pretty soon you will have 3 badass realistic-looking Dragon eggs perfect for your Game of Thrones themed party or your next cosplay as the Mother of Dragons. We want to see how they turned out, so send us a pic!

Dragon Eggs Featured

Your Dragon Eggs will look so good, even Khaleesi herself will want them!

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