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May 2016

DIY: Iron Throne

diy iron throne

So you want to make an Iron Throne and crown yourself ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, do you?  Well luckily the ladies of Damn Good Shindig are here to tell you how.

This craft is a must for any Game of Thrones themed party (or maybe just everyday life), and it’s relatively cheap and easy to make an epic Iron Throne.  The only hard part is staying alive long enough to sit on it.


– Adirondack style chair (Lowes)
– (24) 5 gal. paint sticks* (Home Depot)
– Plastic swords or daggers (99¢ Store)
– Spray paint (We used metallic silver, hammered pewter, metallic bronze, and black metal)
– High-heat glue gun
– Hot glue sticks
Cost: $50 – $75

*our method requires use of band saw & power sander.  You can also source various swords online if access to a band saw is hard to come by (Amazon) or (Amazon).

We were lucky enough to get almost everything we needed at a one stop shop- the magnificent Lowes.  We got our base chair, the paint sticks and paint right there.  We only then needed to head down the street to a local dollar store and grab some cheap toy swords.


Step 1: Make the Swords

Being located in LA sure has its advantages.  Two of our close friends are crazy talented fabricators and they just so happen to have their own workshop, so we knew exactly where to head to get access to power tools for our Iron Throne.  If you unfortunately do not have friends with the tools or know how- try looking up co-ops in your area.  There might be a shared workspace nearby that would rent out to you.  Also, as mentioned before, there are alternative ways to make the swords i.e. Buying plastic ones, or foam ones, or by cutting them out of cardboard.

Since it was available to us, we shaped our paint sticks into swords.  We chose to cut the straight end of the paint sticks because we felt the curvy end could serve as a handle of some sort.

First things first, you are going to want a template for your sword tip shape, so you know where to cut.  We drew an easy one on some spare paper and used it to draw the tip shape onto each paint stick.

We then carefully and safely cut the outlined shape out using a band saw.  Don’t forget your safety goggles! (trust us, you will still feel like a badass)

The next step was to sand all the paint sticks down and get them smooth.  Haley developed a great technique that beveled the tip and made it look super real.

We took turns doing both steps of the job to get the full experience.  It was super fun, and made us feel like badass lady warriors.  All in all, the cutting and sanding of our paint sticks was finished in about an hour.  Yay!



Step 2: Assembling the Iron Throne

Obvious tip, make sure when assembling your Throne, that you are working off a good reference photo, so you know exactly where you want to place your swords.  Have someone sit in the chair so you can get a good height on your tallest line of swords on the throne.

Warm up that glue gun and get gluing.  We found it helpful to have an extra set of hands, one person attaching the sticks with glue, and another person to place and press down while the glue dried.  In our reference photo, we realized there were some swords in the Iron Throne that pointed down, and only exposed their handles.   This is when the plastic swords we bought came into play.  We could easily cut the handles off of the cheap swords (with scissors no less) and like magic they fit to the ends of our paint sticks perfectly. Voila. (You guys have no idea how excited this made us!)



Step 3: Paint that Iron Throne

This step was possibly the most fun part of the whole craft.  Get whatever colors you think will work best for you; we used a mixture of metallic silver, a hammered metal, a bronzed, and a black metal spray paints to get the look we desired.  Just think Iron, and it will be great.

We took the chair out into the alley and had at it. In a frenzy of spraying the awkward looking paint sticks and chair they were attached to – colors flying everywhere we got into a groove.  Suddenly there it was, an epic Iron Throne standing in the middle of the alleyway.


Step 4: Sit in the Iron Throne

Come on, we know you want to.  Go on and reap the benefits of your heard work.  You just made a bad ass Iron Throne!

We are so pleased with this DIY Iron Throne, we just had to share it you guys.  Not only did we end up crafting a game that revolved around the throne in the end, but it was a superb photo op that onlookers were very jealous of.

GOT Iron Throne

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Thanks for the tutorial. I just finished mine as a gift for my boyfriend!

Meredith moseley says:

Great tutorial! I made one for Halloween for my department at school—we dressed as characters from the books/show. The students were so impressEd, Especially with the throne! How do i get you a photo?

    damngoodshindig says:

    Hey Meredith! Apologies – we’re not keeping up with our blog much these days, as we’ve transitioned to a professional event design company. But AWESOME! Glad to hear it! Please do send us a photo, either on Facebook or Instagram @damngoodshindig 🙂

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