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May 2016

DIY: Raven-Delivered Scroll Invitations

Our raven-(aka Toyota Prius)-delivered scroll invitations really set the tone for our exclusive Game of Thrones Dinner Party. We felt it was important to establish with our guests that we were taking the theme to the next level.  Our hand made invites also let our guests know their presence was desired and got them excited for the feast. Win on all counts!  Here’s a step by step guide to help you make some damn good invitations.

GOT Invitations MaterialsMaterials

– Invitation PDF
– Hand of the King Seal & Wax (Amazon)
– Double Sided 8.5 x 11″ Parchment-Style Paper (Amazon)
– Lighter and/or Candle
– Miniature Floral Ravens (Amazon)
Cost: About $50

Step 1: Design

Design your scroll invitations for 8.5 x 11 (letter) sized paper. We have a template here, but if you prefer to make your own, do your thing. Have fun with the language and fonts. We used Last King Quest (dafont).

Step 2: Print

Print the invitations on the parchment paper. Print 2 or 3 more than you need.

Step 3: Burn

It’s really great that you’re an adult, because you don’t have to ask anyone’s damn permission to do this. But, yeah, please be safe. Haley almost burned her hair off. Twice.

Flick your lighter, and start with the corners, running the lighter lightly on the edge and burning it just enough to get a good crinkle. You can also light a candle and use the flame of the candle to achieve the same effect. (The lighter is a little more controlled, but after about 3 invitations it will be very hot!) Once the paper alights (as it inevitably will), blow it out ASAP. Repeat, and start working your way to the center of each edge, a little bit at a time. Once you get the hang of it, you can get a little daring. You will ruin a couple invitations because you get a little carried away, but this is why you printed extra.

You may be asking yourself why burned edges always equate with olde-timey letters. The answer? No freaking idea; it makes absolutely no sense, but it looks awesome, and that’s what really matters.

Burning scroll edges

Step 3. Roll & Seal

This was definitely a two-person job in 2016. No wonder scribes were so highly paid in medieval times! (We have no idea what their salary actually was, we’re just assuming it was a lot.) Leaving a finger-width space in the center of the scroll, gently roll your paper from bottom, up. Once you have your scroll, hold it firmly and press down, with the edge facing up, and let your partner light the end of the wax until about 20 drops have dripped onto the center of the scroll, covering the edge. Immediately take the seal and press into the wax until dry (about 20 seconds). (You’ll want to press firmly, even if it means creasing your scroll) Release! Repeat with all invitations.

wax seal invitations

Step 4. Attach the Raven

There were little metal wires poking from the feet of our raven, so we stuck the wires in under the wax and it held pretty well. For yours, figure out what works best with your bird and scroll. You can also use a ribbon, or even twist the ends of the metal around the scroll.

raven scroll seal invitations

Step 5. Deliver….

Haley wanted to get a pony, but Ellie said no. So in our cars and armed with half of the scroll invitations each, we got to as many friends as we could. We hid them in shrubs, did doorbell-ditches, and made formal pronouncements at doors until they were opened. Your turn!

Delivering scroll invitations

Step 5B… and when that fails, send a pic of the invitation!

Unless your friends are located within a two mile radius, you may find that the task of hand delivering every invitation becomes daunting. So give yourself a break, and send a picture of the invitation to the stragglers, and give them their real one later.

Step 6. Follow Up with an Evite

As it’s 2016, the best way to keep track of your guests is through a Facebook event or similar service. All of our friends use Facebook, so doing a FB event made the most sense to us. Through your online event, you can track RSVPs and give them resources for costumes and dishes!

facebook invitation


Now go on Little birds – go make some Damn Good Scroll Invitations!

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